Representatives of the Office took part in the discussion “Technological Development and Ethical Aspects”

Representatives of the Office participated in the discussion “Technological Development and Ethical Aspects” held by the Young Academy of the Lithuanian Academy of Sciences and the Faculty of Law of Vilnius University. The discussion considered the challenges of science and technology on human rights and the relationship between academic freedom and moral values.

Regimantas Juras, the Senior Specialist of the Office, said during the discussion that the main issues of academic ethics today are related to the relationship between science and the society. Academic freedom cannot be dissociated from the discussion of the consequences created by science and technology. It should be noted that the discussion between science and the society is not a discussion between peer partners. Science is an expert system, so it is vital for scientists to be able to listen to the needs of the society. It should be noted that academic ethics is often understood too narrowly, emphasizing the supervision of professional activities of scientists.

The discussion emphasized that science and technology change people’s lives, but ethical issues are often neglected in conducting research. Eva Lievens, a professor at the Center for Human Rights, Faculty of Law, University of Ghent, noted the importance of considering ethical issues and developing legal regulation of research to promote scientific and technological progress.