The Ombudsperson spoke on contract cheating

Article 123 of the Code of Administrative Transgressions establishes a provision regarding unlawful purchase, sale and submission of research works to higher education and research institutions. In October 2018, the Committee on Legal Affairs of the Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania submitted a draft of this article, whereby it proposes to abandon the fact of purchase and sale and emphasizes contract cheating. The focus on the latter – contract cheating – is in line with international realities of contract cheating of nowadays (see, for example, Guidelines of Quality Assurance Agency of the UK Contracting to Cheat in Higher Education: How to Address Contract Cheating, the Use of Third-Party Services and Essay Mills). The draft of the said article also provides for the prohibition to publicly advertise academic cheating services and higher administrative penalties.

According to the Ombudswoman, assisting in writing research or study papers is not an illegal act in itself, but such a transaction goes beyond the limits of lawfulness and academic ethics when a written research or study paper is presented as an independently written work with the aim to deceive a higher education and research institution and to gain an undeserved advantage. Read more on the issue in 15min.lt portal (in Lithuanian).