The Office pursues membership in ENRIO

Last week, the Ombudswoman Loreta Tauginienė presented areas of operations of the Office and its achievements at a meeting of the European Network of Research Integrity Offices (ENRIO) held in Prague. The purpose of this presentation was to become a member of ENRIO, so that the Office has a greater access to practice of resolving dishonesty cases of research of related institutions in other European Member States and is able to improve its own practice, to exchange anonymous case studies for educational purposes and other experiences. The membership of the Office in ENRIO will enable it to improve its operating efficiency and to apply international trends.

ENRIO brings together more than 30 European public authorities, which promote research integrity and / or deal with research dishonesty. There are no Lithuanian representatives among them. The issue of the Office’s membership will be addressed in Krakow in September.