Public service

Service of applicants

Applicants are serviced on all working days during workng hours of the Office:

Monday 8.00 AM–4.45 PM
Tuesday 8.00 AM–4.45 PM
Wednesday 8.00 AM–4.45 PM
Thursday 8.00 AM–4.45 PM
Friday 8.00 AM–3.30 PM

Lunch 12.00 PM–12.30 PM


The applicants are serviced, the information is provided and complaints are accepted via phone +370 694 43992 and e-mail info@etikostarnyba.lt


The applicants are serviced in the Office during the admission hours of the civil servants of the Office specified in the website or at a different time pre-arranged by telephone or other means of communication.


Filling a Complaint

Complaint form in Word


Excerpt from the Law on Higher Education and Research, art. 17

12. Upon examining the complaint or completed the investigation, the Ombudsperson shall take a decision:

1) to inform higher education and research institutions and the Ministry of Education and Science about the persons who have violated the academic ethics and procedures;

2) to obligate the institution, which has awarded a scientific degree and/or held the competition to fill a position, to revoke the decision on the awarding of the scientific degree and/or on the winner of the competition;

3) to recommend higher education and research institutions to revoke a decision taken on the basis of the documents regulating the academic ethics and procedures;

4) to recommend to an employee to refuse participating in an ongoing project of research and experimental (social, cultural) development;

5) to inform an institution responsible for a specific sphere about the persons (authors) who have suffered from violations of the academic ethics;

6) to notify law-enforcement institutions if the evidence of a criminal offence has been established;

7) to appeal to the court if the obligation of the Ombudsperson is not fulfilled;

8) to make public the cases about the violation of academic ethics and procedures;

9) to recognise the complaint as unjustified.

Updated: 23 July 2021