Analytical studies


 Number of analytical studies

2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021
2 1 1 3 4 2


The overview of survey results on monitoring of the implementation of the means of academic ethics in higher education and research institutions is released. Another study focuses on the evaluation of doctoral studies in 2014-2016 from the perspective of academic ethics.


The first study relates to direct losses caused by a researcher due to research misconduct. The other study addresses the scope and characteristics of the provision of contract cheating services in Lithuania.


Four analytical studies were carried out. One study describes monitoring of the implementation of academic ethics promotion means in higher education institutions while another one presents the main changes in the regulation of the functioning of academic ethics committees. The third study “Responsible Research Barometer 2020” takes a snapshot on experiences of the Lithuanian researchers in the area of research ethics and publication ethics (available in English from p. 25). Then the fourth study relates to costs of retracted publication due to research misconduct.


Three analytical studies were carried out. One relates to the needs of research and higher education institutions for the use of a text-matching software. Another is about librarians’ contribution to the prevention of plagiarism. The last one relates to co-authorship practices of highly productive professors.


One analytical study about publishing policies of Lithuanian scientific journals was carried out.


One analytical study about making code of ethics and other related information publicly available was carried out.


Two analytical studies were carried out. One relates to the formation of the board in state-funded (public) higher education institutions and another is about violations of academic ethics and procedures detected by research and higher education institutions.


Updated: 27 April 2022