Second survey on the contract cheating services in Lithuania

The Office has carried out its second survey on the contract cheating services in Lithuania. The study analyses advertisements offering the afore-mentioned services in March and April 2023 on the four goods and services portals selected for the study. A comparison with a previous study (Vaškevičiūtė & Ozolinčiūtė 2021) suggests that similar trends are observed in terms of the visualisation of adverts, self-identification of service providers and the provision of personal contact details, communication about quality assurance, meeting deadlines, fields of study in which the services are provided, etc. On the other hand, as compared to the results of the previous study, the contract cheating services are significantly more often identified already in the titles of the advertisements, and there is significantly more communication about consultancy services and confidentiality. In addition, it is noticeable that at least several methods of communication are much less frequently mentioned as compared to the first survey. For more information on the results of the study, please read the study report (in Lithuanian).