The Ombudsperson is a member of the ENRIO Board

On 28-29 April, the General Assembly of the European Network of Research Integrity Offices (ENRIO) was held in Helsinki. The ENRIO’s General Assembly met to discuss the results of ENRIO’s activities in 2021 and its planned activities for 2022. For the first time since ENRIO’s establishment in November 2020, the General Assembly elected a Board for three years. The ENRIO Transition Board has been replaced by the following representatives: Carole Chapin from the French Office for Research Integrity, Pablo Fernandez from the UK Research Integrity Office, Helene Ingierd of the National Research Ethics Committees, Norway,  Bert Seghers and Gert Storms from the Flemish Commission for Research Integrity, Belgium, and  Oldřich Tůma from the Commission for the Scientific Integrity of the Czech Academy of Sciences (Czech Republic), and  the Ombudsperson Loreta Tauginienė.

Photo Minna Aittasalo

The next ENRIO Board meeting will elect the ENRIO Chair and two Vice-Chairs.

The Office is actively involved in various ENRIO activities, e.g., the meetings of the Working Group on Ethics in the Social Sciences and Humanities, the drafting of the Guidelines on Whistleblowers together with other ENRIO members, etc.

In November 2019, the Parliament of the Republic of Lithuania authorised the Office to join the ENRIO Association as one of its founding members. Today, ENRIO has more than 30 members from 24 European countries.