The Office of the Ombudsperson plays an important role in ETINED activities

On 17–18 November, the 6th plenary session of the European Council Platform on Ethics, Transparency and Integrity in Education (ETINED) was held in Strasbourg. The Recommendation on countering education  fraud adopted by the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe on 13 July 2022 was introduced. Protection of whistleblowers and legal regulation of contract cheating services and their advertising in the United Kingdom and Australia were discussed. The participants of the plenary session drew attention to the need to digitise education documents, to make the information about them publicly available and to raise qualifications of teaching staff. Ombudswoman Dr Loreta Tauginienė shared her insights with ETINED representatives about the changes in higher education and research occurring in Lithuania.

The ETINED Bureau was established during the 6th plenary session of ETINED. Its main responsibility is to identify and suggest ETINED performance priorities, to notify the ETINED members, and to plan ETINED

From left to right: Ieva Vaiciukevičienė, Loreta Tauginienė Photo: Vitaly Nosok

meetings. ETINED representatives approved unanimously the structure of the ETINED Bureau suggested by the representatives of the European Council. The ETINED Bureau consists of six ETINED representatives: Tomáš Foltýnek (Czechia), Henry Alexander Henrysson (Iceland), Luca Lantero (Italy), Adam Liwak (Malta), Oraz Myradov (European Students’ Union), and ombudswoman Dr Loreta Tauginienė (Lithuania).

The first meeting of the ETINED Bureau was used to discuss the priorities of ETINED activities related to increased understanding of honest behaviour and preventive measures, and monitoring of changes in the educational system.

Lithuania is represented in ETINED platform by employees from the Centre for Quality Assessment in Higher Education and the Office of the Ombudsperson.