Study about offer of contract cheating services in Lithuania

Despite the imposed restrictions to spread information about contract cheating services, the advertisements of such services are easy to find in public space. This confirms that there is a market offering scientific and students’ works done by other persons that would not necessarily meet the requirements of the higher education and research quality. Besides, the “customers” may enter unsafe zone of “blackmailing” risk, where they are threatened in order to get higher remuneration that the case of contract cheating will be notified to their Alma Mater.

The websites offering various goods and services in Lithuania also have advertisements offering services of writing of academic works. In order to learn the scope and characteristics of the offer of contract cheating services in Lithuania, the Office carried out the study.

The results revealed that although contract cheating services are among the most serious violations of academic ethics, it is difficult to identify and assess them not only because of problem of identification of such service providers but also because of the applied communication methods.