Protection of personal data when the Ombudsperson’s decisions are made public

On 23 March 2023, during the scientific-practical conference “Administrative Law and Personal Data Protection” organised by Mykolas Romeris University and its partners, the Ombudsperson Dr Loreta Tauginienė delivered a presentation on the importance and methods of data depersonalisation in research and the practice of data depersonalisation in the decisions of the Ombudsperson. She pointed out that the Ombudsperson’s decisions published on the website of the Office are depersonalised by anonymisation. This is not an accidental choice as the aim of the Office is to draw attention of the academic community to the unethical behaviour identified in the Ombudsperson’s decisions rather than to the individuals who have committed violations of academic ethics.

The Ombudsperson pointed out that the academic community should contact the Office of the Inspector of Journalist Ethics when issues concerning the protection of personal data for the purposes of academic and artistic expression arise.