“Bridge” project training for the academic community in Sweden

Photo from the BRIDGE project archive

On 20-24 March 2023, the partners of the Bridge project organised training in Sweden at Uppsala University. During the training, Dr Julija Umbrasaitė and Dr Birutė Liekė presented the training module “Citizen Science and Ethics” which is being developed by the Office together with the project partners. The 10-hour module consists of 10 topics: citizen science, institutional oversight, power balances, conflict of interest, informed consent, privacy and confidentiality, use of technology, research data management and verification of findings, intellectual property, and ethical publishing. One hour per topic is allocated. The teaching material in the module is based on the Guidelines for Research Ethics and Research Integrity in Citizen Science. It also includes supplementary literature, videos, gamified cases (e.g.vignettes), tests, etc.

During the training, Master students were familiarised with the ethical aspects of citizen science and one of the topics covered in the module, i.e. research data management and verification of findings.