Meeting with lecturers from Lithuanian University of Health Sciences

On 16 May, a remote meeting was held with teaching staff from Lithuanian University of Health Sciences. During the meeting, the Senior Analyst of the Office Dr Julija Umbrasaitė presented the peculiarities of academic ethics in the process of studying and the Guidelines for Ensuring Academic Ethics in the Organisation of Distance Learning. The Senior Analyst of the Office Dr Birutė Liekė introduced the participants to the methods of objective and fair evaluation of group works, as well as the cases of image plagiarism and ways to avoid them. The participants were very interested in how to correctly cite images, whether/how to cite images for learning purposes, whether the same criteria should be applied when students are assessed by other students and when they are assessed by the lecturer, whether there are differences in the assessment of students with special needs, etc.

More than 150 lecturers attended the meeting.