Meeting with the members of the Senate of Klaipėda University

On 19 May, the staff of the Office visited Klaipėda University where they presented current issues of academic ethics to the members of the Senate. Dr Birutė Liekė, an employee of the Office, discussed the issues related to the promotion of academic ethics culture, including an overview of the concept of academic ethics in the legislation, the participants in the academic ethics system, and the functions of the Office. Dr Julija Umbrasaitė, an employee of the Office, presented the responsibilities of academics, i.e. research and teaching staff, in the context of the European Union. The recommendations of the European Commission and the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation on related issues and other relevant documents in this area were reviewed. The Ombudswoman Dr Loreta Tauginienė discussed the emerging issues of amendments in academic ethics regulations. The latter are of particular importance to research and higher education institutions that intend to update their codes of academic ethics to make them as clear and comprehensive as possible.

The members of the Senate engaged in a discussion on the cases of violations of academic ethics, issues related to the research dissemination and so forth.

Photos from the archive of the Office