The Ombudsperson participated in the seminar “Trust On 2024: Tackling Disinformation”

The Trust On 2024 workshop took place at the Royal Belgian Library in Brussels on 26 and 27 June this year. The event brought together the best minds and leading experts to tackle the growing problem of disinformation in order to build a more trustworthy digital future.

The event kicked off with inspiring speeches, with Michael Arentoft sharing EU activities to strengthen the credibility of science, emphasising citizen engagement and responsible, honest research, and presenting the future ERA policy agenda. Declan Kirrane highlighted the impact of artificial intelligence on trust in technology, institutions and international cooperation, especially with less developed countries.

In the discussion “How can we build trust through quality content on the internet?” Thomas Parisot, Suzanne Dumouchel, Agata Gurzawska, Declan Kirrane, Gabi Lombardo and others shared their insights.

During the scientific session, the Ombudsperson Dr. Reda Cimmperman presented the “Guidelines on the Ethical Use of Artificial Intelligence in Research and Studies” of the Office of the Ombudsperson for Academic Ethics and Procedures, and the ethical use of artificial intelligence was debated.

The session focused on citizen engagement and responsible research in Horizon Europe, the results of the COVID-19 disinformation research, the challenges and opportunities for building public trust in science communication, the use of social network analysis in combating science disinformation, the importance of collaboration between scientists, policy makers and communicators, the concept of the science trust ecosystem, the emergence of AI and its impact on the public’s trust in science, and the approach to responsible, ethical science communication.

According to the Comptroller, the Trust On 2024 event was a great opportunity to meet and interact with many other experts in their field, and the guidelines developed during the event will be presented at the European Commission’s annual meeting in Brussels. The guidelines, which were developed during the event, will be presented at the United Nations Summit on the Future of Science in September.

Photo from the archive of the Office