The Ombudsperson had a meeting with the community of the Lithuanian Energy Institute

Ombudsperson for Academic Ethics and Procedures, Dr. Loreta Tauginienė, presented the development of regulations of academic ethics and national participants related to promotion of academic ethics in Lithuania to the community of the Lithuanian Energy Institute (LEI) on the 17th of September. Besides, she provided more thorough information about the key documents that served as a foundation for formation of the ethics infrastructure in the academic environment – Recommendations on the Preparation, Adaptation and Implementation of Academic Ethics Codes and Guidelines for Ethical Review. The Ombudswoman stressed the main areas of activity of the Office: handling of complaints, investigations on the ombudsperson’s initiative, investigation of administrative offences and preventive measures (e.g., guidelines, recommendations, consultations, training, other events, etc.). The Ombudswoman emphasized during the meeting that the Office aims to familiarise the academic community with international academic ethics standards and urge to comply with them.

LEI had numerous questions about research supervision, co-authorship of supervisor and student, plagiarism and rephrasing. It was also discussed whether the quantitative indexes of research outputs (dis-)encourage compliance with the academic ethics standards.