The Office participated in science promotion event

For the first time, the Office of Ombudsperson for Academic Ethics and Procedures joined the science festival “Spaceship Earth”, which has been held since 2004. This festival is aimed at promoting students’ interest in science and developing the scientific culture of the society. At this festival, researchers, public and private sector representatives share their knowledge interactively.

On 19 September, the Office hosted the event “Escape Cannot Be Caught” aimed at 15-year-old and older pupils. The Office attracted interest in the area of ​​academic ethics of pupils from two gymnasiums. At the Office, pupils tried solving escape room tasks and listened to the lecture presented by the Senior Specialist of the Office Gintarė Židonė on forms of dishonesty at schools (e.g. the use of cheat-sheets during tests, the reliability of sources, plagiarism, contract cheating, copying of exercises) in every-day activities and how these forms transform in the academic world. Pupils shared their school experiences, asking how to identify specific forms of dishonesty, and what to do when facing dishonesty themselves or when they see a friend doing that.