Congratulations to the academic community on the Global Ethics Day

Global Ethics Day is celebrated on the 16th of October this year. On this day higher education institutions usually invite to draw attention to the contract cheating, the sorest problem of academic ethics in the study process today. On this occasion, the Office of the Ombudsperson for Academic Ethics and Procedures invites the academic community to take at least a small step towards creating of ethical environment.

To commemorate this day, on the 15th of October the Office invited the academic community to the conference “Ethics in the Academic Environment 2019”. At the event, the employees of the Office presented the criteria of authorship and co-authorship, reviewed the violations of authorship in Germany and Lithuania, also discussed the study on publication aspects of the most productive professors and Guidelines for Recognition of Predatory Scientific Events. The report of the above-mentioned study and the Guidelines for the Recognition of Predatory Scientific Events will be publicly available in Lithuanian on the Office’s website www.etikostarnyba.lt.

The discussion “Is Academic Ethics a Dimension of Modern Higher Education and Research?” sought answers to questions who is responsible for promoting academic ethics and its embedding, how academic ethics is shaped by higher education institutions, what challenges junior researchers and students face, and how they can be useful in creating a fairer academic environment.