Training in Lithuanian University of Health Sciences

On 20th and 27th September 2023, Office representatives held a training session on academic ethics in Lithuanian University of Health Sciences. The following topics were presented to the academic community of the University: quality of research in terms of academic ethics, good record-keeping practices, co-authorship in research, plagiarism, and its prevention. The representatives of the Office gave an overview of good practices in research data management, gave examples of research data management plans, discussed European, field, and national guidelines on ethical authorship, types of plagiarism, possible consequences, recommendations on how to avoid it, etc. Training participants discussed the scope of research, storage options for research data (e.g., long-term storage in data repositories, conversion of data formats), unethical authorship, plagiarism cases, and other relevant issues.

Around 40 members of the University’s academic community attended the training on the first day, and around 30 members attended on the second day.