Representatives of the Office attended the 9th European Conference on Ethics and Integrity in Academia

The 9th European Conference on Ethics and Integrity in Academia was held at the University of Derby in the United Kingdom from 12th to 14th July 2023, with the main theme Enhancing Ethical Practice, Professionalism, and Integrity for Future Development. The conference was organised by the European Network for Academic Integrity (ENAI) in partnership with the School of Human Sciences of the University of Derby.

The conference focused on the presentation of the results of ENAI’s projects, issues related to the use of artificial intelligence in studies, practices in different countries related to the implementation of the provisions of academic ethics in higher education institutions, university autonomy, the involvement of students and teachers, and the recommendations of the Council of Europe on combating fraud in education. Office employees Dr Julija Umbrasaitė and Dr Birutė Liekė conducted a seminar on Addressing Conflict of Interest in Cooperation of Research, Business and Society, where they presented the guidelines for the cooperation of research, business, and society and the gamified training components (vignette and scenario) related to one of the guideline themes, namely, conflict of interest. The need for and use of training materials in different fields of higher education and research was discussed with the participants. The guidelines and the gamified training components were developed within the Bridge project.

Around 200 participants attended the Conference.

Photos from the archive of the Office