Participation in a discussion organised by the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport

On 12 December 2023, Dr Birutė Liekė, employee of the Office, gave a presentation at the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport of the Republic of Lithuania on academic ethics in the development of tasks for high school students. Representatives from the Ministry, the National Agency for Education and the teachers and researchers who developed the tasks were invited to the event. An employee of the Office introduced the activities of the Office and presented the issue of plagiarism, focusing on image plagiarism and translation plagiarism. She also discussed the need for appropriate citation/quotation in the development of matriculation exam tasks and the creative commons licences. The event participants analysed sample tasks for the matriculation exams. The discussion raised questions about the first steps towards an ethical approach to the development of various examinations and other test tasks for high school students. Dr Birutė Liekė stressed that it is very important to develop the tasks in an ethical way, as they are remembered by high school students as good examples.