Meeting with the community of the General Jonas Žemaitis Lithuanian Military Academy

On 29 November 2023, Dr Julija Umbrasaitė and Dr Birutė Liekė, employees of the Office, gave a seminar to the academic community of the General Jonas Žemaitis Military Academy of Lithuania. Dr Julija Umbrasaitė gave a presentation on academic ethics in the study process, presenting the establishment of the concept of academic ethics, the actors of the academic ethics system, and a study on the supply of contract cheating services in Lithuania. Dr Birutė Liekė talked about plagiarism and unethical authorship, introduced their types and exemplified plagiarism. She also presented international trends related to artificial intelligence (AI) in an academic environment providing more detail about the regulation of the use of generative AI engineering. She continued with the unresolved ethical issues surrounding the increasing sophistication of generative AI tools, the determinants of reliability and trustworthiness of AI tools, etc.

The seminar participants were interested in the fields of science in which contract cheating services prevail, shared their thoughts on human-artificial intelligence co-authorship and more.

Around 20 members of the academic community attended the seminar.