The Ombudsperson met with academia of Šiauliai University

In the meeting with academic community of Šiauliai University the Ombudswoman Loreta Tauginienė presented the initiatives of preventive measures of unethical behaviour to the academic community. She pointed out that there are several important preventive measures at the national level, but they are aimed at correcting what has already happened. Therefore, the Ombudswoman emphasized the need to initiate and to implement preventive measures before the occurrence of the presumed event and urged the higher education and research institution to take proactive steps.

Loreta Tauginienė also presented a variety of activities planned by the Office, with a particular focus on the prevention of academic dishonesty (e.g. guidelines, training, etc.). In addition, efforts will be made to draw attention of the public and academia to the field of academic ethics and / or procedures by assessing their achievements, reflecting on various issues of academic ethics and methods of their resolution.