The Office celebrates its seven-year anniversary

Although the Seimas’ resolution of establishment of the Office of the Ombudsperson for Academic Ethics and Procedures was adopted in 2011, the Office began to function at full extent in 2013. Today the Office celebrates its seventh birthday.

The team of the Office is composed of nine employees and, while supervising the embedding of provisions of academic ethics in Lithuania, it actively engages in preventative activities (raising public awareness of the issue) and interventive activities (decision making).

In addition, the Office has recently been cooperating more and more with foreign partners, exchanging information and good practice on various platforms. In the seventh year of work, the Office became a member of the European Network of Research Integrity Offices (ENRIO). The Ombudswoman Dr. Loreta Tauginienė was appointed as a representative of Lithuania to the Council of Europe Platform on Ethics, Transparency and Integrity in Education (ETINED) and was elected to the Transitional Board of ENRIO.