First inter-institutional meeting took place to develop the data management plan form

On 20 January 2022, on the initiative of the Office, the first inter-institutional meeting of the working group on the development of a template for scientific research data management plan was held, with the participation of representatives from several Lithuanian institutions: the Lithuanian Research Council, the Lithuanian University Rectors’ Conference, the Lithuanian Scientific Society, the Lithuanian Union of Junior Researchers, Office of the Ombudsperson for Academic Ethics and Procedures of the Republic of Lithuania, the Lithuanian Academy of Sciences, the Rectors’ Conference of Lithuanian University Colleges, and the Office of the Inspector of Journalist Ethics. The template of the data management plan will complement the Guidelines for Ethical Review published by the Office.

Examples of good practice from European countries that use more (e.g., Finland) or less (e.g., the Netherlands) detailed forms of data management plans in their research and higher education systems were shared during the meeting, and the importance of research data management in the research conduct and the dissemination of research results was explained, as well as information provided on how it can contribute to the quality of science and the promotion of open science. Participants were invited to share their practice in data management in their scientific field.

The template for a data management plan developed by the working group will help researchers to plan data management processes responsibly, to ensure the protection of research participants, to avoid potential breaches of academic ethics in research (e.g., unethical authorship, data fabrication, data falsification) and to facilitate of a proper functioning of the institutional review boards within research and higher education institutions.