Ethical challenges of interdisciplinarity in citizen science were presented

On 9 March 2023, the Ombudswoman Dr Loreta Tauginienė participated in the event “Sharing Good Research Practices and Ethical Challenges in Citizen Science-North Macedonia” organised by the University of South-Eastern Europe (North Macedonia) and the Galicica National Park where she gave an invited talk on the ethical fading of interdisciplinarity in citizen science. In her talk on the peculiarities of citizen science, the Ombudswoman highlighted that research using citizen science as a methodological approach not only more effectively contributes to the search for research-based solutions but also changes the established perceptions and practices about the researcher’s scientific activities and their impact on society. In this context, particular attention should be paid to the implementation of researchers’ ethical and social responsibilities. The Ombudswoman stressed the importance of exploring why it is necessary to reconsider the practice of research ethics, the role of leadership of research and higher education institutions, etc., in order to properly assess the possible consequences of inaction or negligence on research activities.