A meeting with representatives of the Lithuanian National Union of Students was held at the Office

The Ombudswoman Loreta Tauginienė and employees of the Office met with Eigirdas Sarkanas, President of the Lithuanian National Union of Students (LSS) and Viktorija Žilinskaitė, Vice-President of the LSS. Mutual cooperation between the Office and the LSS was discussed at the meeting in order to encourage students to adhere to the norms of academic ethics, to improve the process of identification of violations of academic ethics in research and education  institutions, to inform the student community about poorly implemented study process and ways to resolve this problem. The opportunities for the Office to contribute to the development of the research “Academic Integrity Index” conducted by the LSS every two years have also been discussed at the meeting. The Academic Integrity Index aims to measure the prevalence of academic dishonesty in higher education institutions of Lithuania and to evaluate changes in integrity.

The meeting discussed the need to improve certain provisions of the Law on Research and Higher Education of the Republic of Lithuania. An agreement was reached on the Office including LSS representatives in its working groups for quality assurance of the study process.